IGFA's Worldwide Anglers Relief Fund (WARF)

Natural disasters demonstrate the devastating impacts that catastrophic weather, fire, and seismic events can have on the international recreational angling community. Anywhere in the world, on any day, at any time, a thriving recreational fishery can become a wasteland in a matter of hours in a major natural disaster. And the people who often create those recreational fisheries 鈥 the captains, guides, crews, and outfitters who depend on recreational fishing for their livelihoods鈥 often find themselves in the center of the storm.

To address the impacts of these disasters and be prepared to respond to future catastrophes, the IGFA created the Worldwide Anglers Relief Fund (WARF) in 2017 with its partners at . To date, the WARF has disbursed more than $225,000 to recreational angling associations in the Florida Keys, Texas, Puerto Rico, the Florida Panhandle, The Bahamas, Belize, the Gulf Coast, and Montana to help local captains and guides recover from natural disasters. 

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The WARF accepts donations from the global recreational angling community and make grants to local angling organizations and associations to speed recovery efforts and get captains, guides, mates and anglers back out on the water. Grant decisions will be made by IGFA leadership in consultation with major WARF supporters and local representatives in impacted areas. Additionally, is a great way way to help raise funds for the WARF. 

The IGFA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and donations may be tax deductible depending on your jurisdiction. To donate by phone, contact Eric Combast, IGFA Development Director, at 954-924-4325.

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